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She really is Supergirl!

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Supergirl
Supergirl can melt you with a look!

Supergirl can melt you with a look!


Our WonderTwins made their debut 11/03/08

Um, wow, what a way to start a blog, but Wonder Woman and I will be welcoming Supergirl’s new brother and sister, the Wonder Twins! They are due the first week of November, and then we’ll be raising a team of Superheroes!

After many months of blogging for our business, I have given in to the many demands, suggestions, and coercions to start a Daddy Blog. Apparently I have some worthy information/wisdom/stories that people want me to share. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As we are about to add two new bundles of joy to our family, it seemed the appropriate time to jump in and start recording things as we are sure to get completely overrun with exhaustion immediately after they are born.

So let’s set the stage. Wonder Woman and I have been married since 2000 and Supergirl just turned six. All of Supergirl’s girlfriends have little brothers, so she has just thought that that was part of the deal. She has been praying for a little brother or sister (since she has since met friends with little sisters, since then), and was on the verge of moving on, figuring out that if a sibling wasn’t going to happen, that she would start praying about getting a puppy.

She started working that angle right before Christmas (when she was five). With lightning speed, I came up with the plan that she needed to wait until she was old enough to take a dog to obedience school. She brilliantly decided that when she was six, she would be ready, so she announced to EVERYONE that when she had her six year old party (this past July) that she was going to get not one, but two puppies.

Wonder Woman and I found out about the twins in February, and held off until Mother’s Day (12 weeks) to announce our impending arrivals. We wanted Supergirl to be able to announce it at Mother’s Day brunch to the other relatives, and when we joyfully broke the news to her that morning, her first response was; “Well I guess the puppies will have to wait.”

She of course is more excited now, and was very excited to tell everyone that morning, but as Elephants have such a bionic memory, I believe Supergirl will not forget her quest for a puppy, once the babies are “old enough.”

Join us again….same bat time, same bat channel!