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Supergirl is a mighty first grader this year.  It has been an exciting first month of school as she has had to get used to an entire spectrum of new things, such as: A whole day at school, ordering/eating lunch, new teacher, new school, and new classmates.  She has come through in stunning fashion!

Although, since she is Supergirl, there have been some spectacular tales about these days:

First, Supergirl was under the impression that the only reason they were at school the whole day, is that they weren’t getting through their work fast enough during the day.  To the point, one day, after she finished her work, ahead of her classmates, she went up to the teacher and offered to see if she could help her teacher. Supergirl offered; “is there anything I can do to help? I mean, is there anything I can do for you to allow our day to move a little quicker?”  She apparently felt that if the work could be done quicker, they could be on their way back home to play.  She now knows that it actually is a whole day of classes, She still finishes with her work early, but at least she is getting other little helpful tasks to do.

Next comes lunch.  Supergirl has been sort of how shall we say it, a picky eater.  When left to her druthers, she’d just have chicken tenders, mac n cheese, and PB & J. So, it has been a vicarious experience watching her navigate the menu for lunch at school.  Her school offers a main choice and an alternate (although they do have, by default, a PB & J selection if all else fails to ensure the children all eat). She has cautiously approached the menu, and has tried and enjoyed such new delicacies as teriyaki chicken bites, popcorn shrimp, and chicken Alfredo.  She has only defaulted to the PB & J twice. 

Our other biggest fear around lunch was that Supergirl must have adopted the European attitude towards eating- it is a social affair that last hours (days) long.  At school she gets 25-30 minutes to eat before recess, so our faith that she would be finished with her meal in the time allotted was not the greatest.  I know deep down, that she will figure it out and learn to eat in the time-frame or go hungry.

That seems to have been the greatest lesson learned so far, that Supergirl will learn as she goes (most of the time rapidly faster than her parents) and that it’s always going to be a bigger deal to her mother and me! 😉

How’s your school year going so far?