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Life always seems to get in the way of chronicling life in a blog!  After quite a lapse though, I am getting back into it. A lot has happened in the interim time since my last post. I will try to get things caught up.

Supergirl is now in the fourth grade!  She is into Soccer, Girl Scouts, Reading, Drama, and so much more.  She is on a mission to finish the Harry Potter series which she started reading in the third grade, and is now going through book six.

The WonderTwins are now three!  Yes twins require double and sometimes triple the energy, attention, and effort, but they are worth every bit of it!  Zan (the boy twin) is into everything Cars, sports balls, and going as fast as he can. Jana (the girl twin) is into Tinkerbell, Dress-up, Dancing, and anything her brother and sister are doing.

Health Issues have hit me pretty hard.  A decade ago I had a virus that attacked my heart and caused me to develop Cardiomyopathy that weakened my heart’s ability to pump effectively.  It has been treated with medicines and machinery up to this point, but the heart continued to weaken, and now I wait for a new one, while an implanted pump takes over the pumping effort.

WonderWoman has been the best during all of this.  She truly has manifested Amazonian type powers to keep the family, the household, our business, and myself together. I can’t emphasize how truly wonderful she is, and there is none that can compare!

OK, that’s the quick updates. More details on each will merit their own posts down the road, but here is a fresh post for a fresh start on blogging again.