Ever wonder what Superman does once he hangs up the cape?  I mean you can’t battle evil-doers all the time.  What would Superman’s life be like if he had fallen in love with Wonder Woman, gotten married, had Supergirl and moved into a split level in the suburbs?  He’d have to change his name to Superdad and could only fight crime from 9-5 weekdays and the occasional weekend.  The affects of that would probably mean that his alter-ego life might actually be a little like mine.

So who am I?  I’m just a mild-mannered Gen-Xer, just newly 40-something, who truly did marry Wonder Woman and had Supergirl and moved to a split level in the suburbs.  Oh, and we have the Wonder Twins (another girl and a boy) joining us in November (08).  On my professional side, Wonder Woman and I run our own PR Firm.  So here you may hear a few things about that, but I do have a blog for all of that – Above the Buzz.

Here I will dedicate my time to chronicle the extraordinary experiences of raising Super-children, and throw in some life observations, some geekstuff (Comics, Sci-fi, Video Games, anyone?), some rants and raves on food (I’m a passionate Foodie), some sports, and some just plain old rants and raves.  Thanks for stopping by, grab a chair and set a while if you’re of a mind to. We’ve all got tales to tell.
-Chris – aka Superdad’s Alter Ego

  1. Carol Graves says:

    MI received my LVAD April 16,2013. I am a female that was determined not to wear the black vest that Medicare provided or use the black bag. I tried the conceal & carry shirts. Started out with the mens at first. Then I bought the women’s version. Hated both. The placement of the batteries were horrible for women. I kept having this idea of what I wanted. I have come up with the concept that is perfect for me. I wore my garment to our support group and everyone there was quite impressed and thought I needed to get it out there for both men and women. I would love to but do not know the hoops I need to jump through. Any suggestions??

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