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imageI have had many heroes and mentors in my life growing up. From fantasy and books; Batman, Superman, Wolverine and the X-Men, Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, and on and on. There were heroes from life; Walt Disney, Teachers, Family Members, Co-Workers, and friends. Heroes who inspire me, affected me, motivated and challenged me. I know them fairly well, either through a personal relationship or reading and studying about those heroes.

Which makes the Hero I have to add to the top of my list a bit of an anomaly. I have never met this person, but I have as personal of a physical connection to this person as a person could possibly have. I don’t know anything about this Hero, not even his/her name. In fact I may never know, even though I hope to find out some day. This new hero is my heart donor.

On May 2, 2014, my journey of living with heart failure after a virus first settled into my heart 12 years before that, has entered a new phase as I was blessed with the gift of a new heart.

I don’t have any information about my donor. I will be able to write a letter to my donor’s family and hope that they would want contact and then share some info so I may better know this great person. In the U.S., the organ donation process is completely anonymous and protected. Until then, I don’t know if it was male, female, what age, where they lived, what they did, or anything else.

Here is what I do know.

I know this person is selfless and generous. They cared enough to pass on a piece of themselves to afford me to continue and improve my life. They chose to do something that hopefully provides a positive out of any negatives that their passing has caused their family.

For that simple fact, this person will be the greatest hero I may never meet.

You too can become a hero to someone just by becoming an organ donor. You can sign up any time you renew your driver’s license, or online sites such as







Picard/Locutus from

OK, so let’s get this out of the way; it’s no big secret that I am a Christian. No, you don’t have to be one also to read this blog. I will try to not be one of those that like to “vomit” their Faith on someone. I won’t try to convert you or brainwash you or cast the first stone. I just want you to know that I am blogging about my life and my experiences, and a huge part of my life and experiences is my Faith journey (if any of it can be helpful in your life, then awesome!). You may see a reference every once in a while to a piece of scripture, or I may post a song that has helped me get through the dark and rough parts of my heart health and life, but feel free to skip those parts, or click away to whatever else you are searching for on the web.

Cyborg Superman from DC Comics

That being said, a way to know I am moving further on the path of my Faith journey, is how I am being transformed as an individual (and growing hopefully). As I stated above, I just didn’t think it would be into a Cyborg!

With all of the equipment that I have had installed (Medtronic ICD and Bi-Valve Pacer & Thoratec Corporation’s Heartmate II plus all of the associated leads and wires) my chest cavity on the left side is mostly metal, silicon, porcelain and other “artificial materials”. My “organic” heart is still in there beating away, but when you listen to my chest, you can hear the “whirr” of the turbine controlling the blood flow through the heart. The Sci-fi geek side of me would say I am being “assimilated” into the Borg Collective, or that I now rely on technology to survive in life like DC Comic’s Cyborg Superman or Cyborg of the Teen Titans, or like Marvel’s Iron Man (all factors that help me relate to depending on all of this to live my life).


DC Comic's Cyborg of the Teen Titans

It has also put my life and outlook on life into perspective. I know I am not in control of my life. I live at the whim of a Power greater than my own. I can’t physically even support my body without relying on these devices to do so. I have a profound understanding of the phrase; “There, but for the Grace of God go I.”

I look at each day as a gift and enjoy seeing what new surprise I can find each day with my wife and children. My priorities are coming into alignment and I see (in High Definition) what issues are truly important, and what issues really merit no attention, stress, or worry any more. How is that coming in your life?


Oh…and I couldn’t leave out just one more geeky reference! – Transformers! Robots in Disguise!

71233-11910-104231-1-walter-lantz-andy-pa_mediumI have a passion for reading.  I tend to read mostly fiction – tending along the lines of suspense-thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and the occasional action books.  While growing up in the 70’s, I could never get enough to read just from novels.  So I filled the gaps in between with comic books.  My collections started with a few cardboard boxes of comics from my Dad.  He had collected them, or was given them by his father who happened to own a drug store. So I now have a few Looney Tunes, Hi & Lois, Andy Pandas, & Dennis the Menace books dating back to 1956.

I liked all the classic DC heroes, although Batman, Flash, and Superman happened to be my favorites, until one day in the late 70’s I went over to Boyd Hooper’s house, and for the first time, I saw a copy of the X-men. I was hooked. The stories were unlike any I had ever read. The concept that we all had the “potential” to have a1938-actioncomics1 mutant gene that could give us superpowers when we entered puberty was very influential on a boy (going through puberty at the time).

Wolverine quickly became my favorite.  I then would cross over to other Marvel books to follow any other appearances of any of the X-men.  I quickly got caught up in all the other titles.  Marvel just seemed to have better writers than DC at the time.  The characters were a bit more flawed, and closer to being “human” than the near indestructible Superman.

I hope to share this addiction/passion with my children, to a degree of course.  If they love it, then great, if not, then I guess the collection all goes on e-bay someday (Yikes!).  Supergirl has shown the same passion for reading, so when she’s older, we’ll see what she thinks. What hobby from your youth are you inflicting on your v5feat_211-x-men_133spouse/children?